• Colorful designs 🎨

    KLEKKS blankets are colorful, fresh and artsy. Each month we launch a new blanket.
  • Made in EU 🌱

    We care about sustainability and fairness. All our blankets are made within the EU in Lithuania.
  • Natural 💜

    KLEKKS blankets are made of 100 % natural materials.

Out now: Klekks No. 14

Take trendy olive and artsy shapes and you get: KLEKKS No. 14!

KLEKKS No. 14 fills your home with a splash of olive paired with creamy beige. Creative and down-to-earth!

Green lovers, this one's for you 🫒

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Limited Designs

Our goal is to bring color into every home. Every month, we launch a new Limited Edition blanket. Each blanket is unique and only a limited stock is available. So if you fall in love, better grab your KLEKKS now 🙃
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Natural & made in EU

Our blankets are made of high-quality and natural Materials and are produced in Lithuania. KLEKKS No. 6 is made of 100 % high-quality integrity wool 💜

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